Since 2021, we proudly support Warriors towards the sponsorships and travel expenses to retreat centers specializing in helping Vets overcome treatment resistant PTSD.

Parisian Sparkle owner (Antonella Barberini) is also sharing her PTSD story as self-help author and independent editor, plume name Diana White (check sidebar), and NOW you can join her to show your gratitude to who served with our CAMPAIGNS on social media.

One vet at a time till they all find the love and light that Radiates through their hearts.


Campaign “Honor Who Served” was created to show veterans our gratitude for their service. Since 2018, Antonella Barberini, pen name Diana White, self-help author and indie editor of PTSD: My Journey of Self-Discovery and the Strange Characters I Met Along the Way is raising awareness on anxiety and suicide prevention in partnership with combat veterans; today, she launches a new brand, Parisian Sparkle, giving herself the mission to support “heroes” in the aftermath of life-changing events around the globe. Grasp your magic mug NOW and let’s make an impact in September 2021!

Parisian Sparkle x

“Why be broken when you can be gold?”

Sarah Rees Brennan
The New Cinematic Logo in partnership with Heroes.

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