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This page is meant to support the Creative activity of a brit talented designer, Sarina, with whom I would have loved collaborating for sponsoring a Tee shirt to offer to my friends (marathon runners and musiciens), but they are so overwhelmed, and involved in so many Charity causes that they, sadly, declined my offer.

Who knows, if We ever grow in the future…


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Established in 2011, Cycology Clothing is a creative brand inspired by our passion (some say obsession) with cycling.

The creative force behind Cycology is an artist & designer who would rather be a full time athlete – but due to lack of talent, balance & the inability to keeping the rubber side down….. stuck to their day job.

Many 1000’s of kms of running, riding bikes, paddling, ocean swimming and any other sport that provided the endorphins and adrenaline led to 1000’s of mad scribbling’s about Cycling and “Cycology“.

Training and racing with other mad & gifted athletes with great senses of humour often leads to inspiration for unique graphics. Some of these have eventually make it onto our clothing which we hope will also inspire our customers to buy and wear their passion for sport on their sleeves… or chests.

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genius, Sarina

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