We virtually met in a Remembrance Day, Karl and I. He has explained me how it works (or does not) mental health care in the UK, since his was medically retired in a military hospital, in last years. We could share about our coping skills, cuisine, and parisian cafe sounds. It was a perfect match of intellectual, sensitive minds who have enough to numb themselves in order to get better, release from the past, and just feel GOOD, and move forward. Today Karl is poet-in-residence at the Military Academy for Performing Arts in London, and runs writing workshops to release emotional burden with benefits of group therapy. He likes vinyls, archery, motorbike, modelling for charities, fresh flowers, meat and potatoes pies, he is also author of Second Life, a collection of his first poems available on Amazon and on his website https://www.willowtreesociety.co.uk/ – @parisiansparkle_by_dianawhite

“His numerous poetic expressions of the impact of post traumatic stress disorder following his time as a pilot in the British Forces for over 25 years are a testimony to the passion, courage and selflessness of our servicemen and women. Through Karl’s poetry they and the sacrifices made will never be forgotten.”

David James Gandy

Coming Soon.

@karltearney @parisiansparkle_by_dianawhite

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