Just in case you missed something… My brand Parisian Sparkle is available ONLY on this website!!!

Check the gift shop, support the fight, and have fun 😉

Antonella Barberini
Parisian Sparkle a brand with purpose since 2021

Fortnite authorized anybody to sell #freefortnite logo in last August 2020. Any other design is property and under copyright’s law of Epic Games.

Parisian Sparkle supports Fortnite’s fight against Apple in support of small developers and small business that are kicked out from fair concurrence with updates iOS 14

Sale of WQUSA logo is authorized by Lance Supernaw co-founder of no-profit Warrior Quest USA.

Warrior Quest USA is a no-profit based in Orlando, Florida. This is just a model.
Warrior Quest USA is an affiliated of Soul Quest Mother Church of Ayahuasca. These are warriors 😉

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