QIKzkMqEfvsBefore I rewrite my stars, and continue my storytelling about Paris attacks, ouch, did you check this fab musical movie? The Greatest Showman? Can I make a wish for Hugh, Kiala, Zac and Zendaya to win the jackpot?

In one word: uplifting, …see the movie and share the **good vibes**.

I’m new at wordpress, guys, but I am so impressed, all of you who are coming and visiting my pages, you all have a great project to share (ok, a few spams don’t count, I might always be interested to work from home, right?). When I first started, I didn’t have a plan of what it could be this thing …. I have opened tons of blogs in my past, nothing really as heartfelt as this one. I feel like I am talking to someone, and this someone can understand what I am saying. Not sure that my home language would have the same mirror effect. They are so much into medias. Geez.

Btw, I am always thrilled at Oscars night, the one I remember with more excitement and depth, was the one that Life is beautiful won the Golden Statue.

Not only because I am Italian, of course, and love Roberto Benigni, but also because I was feeling very bad at my past job, and I dunno, this movie and the fact that was so unexpected to be recognised, and accepted, from critic… it gave me hope.

Promise, I’ll have a nice sleep tonight, after yoga, and tomorrow I’ll check how many smiling faces among the cast of this amazing talented, greatest showman, Hugh Jackman.