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Badge Tony is a cop from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I met him on a support group on Facebook. He was extremely supportive and open and introduced me to other specific support groups sharing trust and mutual understanding. His trauma and shooting story is on the air now. You can follow Tony here on the The Spark Podcast.

Traumatic States of America

Join Neuropsychologist and Traumatologist Dr. Lorie Hood as she hosts the Traumatic States of America, a podcast dedicated to exploring the effect of mass trauma on today’s society.

Traumatic States of America Podcast

Lorie Hood (@HoodLorieB) | Twitter
Dr. Laurie Hood founder of Responders First LLC

sabrina ciaciura navy veteran and trauma survivor.

Sabrina’s journey led her to leave the Navy military career to mentoring and becoming what I call a wounded healer her-self. She trascended. I wish we can join forces together especially because we speak the same languages πŸ™‚ Italian and French lol

Sabrina Ciaciura in the Navy.

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