This page will be developed like a step-by-step journey into deep Self knowledge.


Eventually, it might be turned into a self help guide ( self published on Amazon at 5 euros, of course ), once I have enough stuff and clear on my mind.

When I opened this website I wanted to put my story to break ice on the surface, and after a while I recognise that I was putting too much of my Ego into.

My creativity, My story, My photos, My art, My gift shop!



Well, my original purpose was to create a guide which helped you going through the same steps that helped me on my journey to Self Discovery and PTSD recover. Not selling gadgets with my signature ( perhaps, later if you like ok ).

So, this afternoon, I will make up my mind on the following topics:

  • The Hero’s Journey with Joseph Campbell and Self-individualisation with Carl Gustav Jung ( psychology meets mythology and alchemy )
  • dark night of the soul ( yes, mystic, finally )
  • who are you? I can’t tell you, but I can tell you who I am and see if you match the signs of being HSP and empathic
  • PTSD from 1918 to 2018, let’s face the Social Anxiety once for all (can’t wait for this)
  • perfectionism vs letting go
  • mindfulness vs overthinking (review of my life-changing book The Power of Now and Christophe André technique for meditation)


Not sure I will follow this order. There are topics that I am anxious to develop with your feedback and cooperation, if you want to collaborate, I’d appreciate it. We might share credits lol

  • What if Bible dealt with mind’s power of Self Transformation as much as Vedic books are about brain’s structure and fonctions?
  • So-called Reality ain’t it all about our Consciousness and rather Individual Perception?
  • Collective Unconscious and Psychological Archetypes what damn are they? Can we use them in ordinary life?
  • What are we HERE for?

Enough for a good Start… I promise, I might not have all the answers that means I might call for your help ( Namaste, India !!! )  definitely, I can’t look forward to it 🙂

Keep it up xx



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