Anxiety and Stress, on a positive note?

Rimini, 2016. Hippocampus is a deep diver of Unconsciousness. My Silent guide. Causes of Anxiety: Does Anxiety Have Any Purpose? Credit to Inner Health Studio The causes of anxiety attacks relate to the adaptive and protective functions of anxiety. Let's look at why people become anxious and what to do about it. If, for a … Continue reading Anxiety and Stress, on a positive note?

Yoga for moody weather.

For those out there who are slightly moody, and bipolar, ...try this 🙂 Today not only in California, but also in the eastern Parisian area, weather is really into spring time. Rainy, sunny, windy, rainy again .. not so cold, not warm yet, but most important, I finally did my Spring Time cleaning. And so … Continue reading Yoga for moody weather.