Burnout : What is this?

STORY TIME. When I was attending this training about "stress management", it was 2013- 2014 and I was completely unaware of what was going on in my life. Well, I was the hamster running in the wheel. It simply was the ordinary life and I was following the pattern: could I do any better? NOPE. … Continue reading Burnout : What is this?

Wounded Healer. What’s that? Are you?

Wounded healer is a term created by psychologist Carl Jung. The idea states that an analyst is compelled to treat patients because the analyst himself is "wounded". The idea may have Greek mythology origins. Who is Jonathan Foust? I dunno, but he sounds amazing on his podcats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0zIOSplNbw&lc=z23tyrkzas3ehrfyf04t1aokgdkpgf2iwk1ynwl0ygvfrk0h00410 When I felt lost in confusion, I asked … Continue reading Wounded Healer. What’s that? Are you?