A couple of years ago, in 2018, I lost a co-worker for suicide. At the moment of his fall from 4th floor of his apartment, he was a hard drinker, he was also “abusing” of painkillers for his back ache.

Of course, when you read side effects in painkillers you will find a notice: “warning psychiatric side effects can be important but in a very few rare cases”.

Now, yes, my friend was certainly depressive as personality, pretty dark. And yes, alcohol mixed up with painkillers on a long term can be fatal. We lost many artists for this reason, right? Cocktails.

This is the point. Big pharma are pointing out that in a very rare cases the vaccine in allergic types can be fatal. I know this story by heart, I have been there : these people work with statistiques and numbers. I don’t mind what you choose and what you do with your health. It’s up to you. Many people vaccinated against a normal life. Why not? I can’t remember what this normal life is about so far. I feel like I was lost in an island but no sea around me.

My message (in a bottle) here is THIS: I am pretty much AWARE that I am a NUMBER for these people and my existence is equal to ZERO to them. Well, because my number is 11/2 it’s the wounded healer life path number.

Check numerology and find yours.

Good night, Light Workers ** MAKE IT COUNT**

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