Jiddu KrishnamurtiYoga is a way to become a light. It’s not the fact to smile all the time all around. I guess it’s more like this morning, when I was on my way to work, and first the guy who is cleaning the road, said “hello”. And I returned back his “bonjour” of course. Nicely.

Then second guy (another black), at the Security gate who said “You are a kind person, it’s obvious”. Ok, thank you. You, too. Smile, again. Cool.

Third, the bus driver, an older man, quite charming, who just hesitated to leave the bus stop, to have a small talk with me. He asked me if I choosed to work on the weekend days, of course, I haven’t. By accident, I am working all weekends because I am a single lady and no children at charge and I am the unique person in the service to accept regular schedules on the weekend days. So, what? I am also the unique person to take public transportation, and it’s strike time ( one month is enough guys ).

Btw I don’t like complaining, it’s not healthy, so if you don’t like a situation fight or leave.

So, yes, become a light to me sounds like that. When people around you are attracted and come to you smiling and peaceful. And I love it.

Is it yoga? Is it this powerful feeling to finally manifest what i have been going through during couple of last years? During all life? Perhaps.

Breeze, Stretch then, and …

** Shine **